Graduation Checklist

Graduating students must complete each of the following forms.

Survey of Earned Doctorates

If you are graduating with a Ph.D., you must complete the Survey of Earned Doctorates .

Permanent Address Form

Open the Permanent Address Form. After completing this interactive form, print a copy for yourself and take or send the form to the CGHS office.

Exit Interview Questionnaire

In MS Excel, open the Exit Interview Questionnaire. After completing the form, print the form, and take the form to the Dean's office along with your Graduate Student Clearance Form (below).

Graduate Student Clearance Form

Open the Graduate Student Clearance Form . After completing the top portion, print the form, call the appropriate offices for clearance, and take the completed form to the CGHS office.

Diploma Application

Open the Diploma Application. After completing this form, print the form and return it signed and dated to the CGHS office. Be sure that the title of your dissertation is identical to that on your Diploma Application.

Event times are U.S. Central time zone

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